Yoga + Dance

Yoga Class

The Yoga and Dance sessions I guide are safe practices of connection, self discovery, and inner growth. We explore our minds using our bodies as best friends for healing and training.Both sessions involve physical exercises of gentle warming and preparation of the body, asanas to prepare the mind, some exercises from Taiji and Chi Kung and some minutes of sitting meditation at the end of each session.  The dance classes also involve Improvisation and Authentic Movement.

Besides the direct physical health benefits of cleansing, strengthening, and developing flexibility, balance, and resilience, the Yoga and Dance I guide are purposefully oriented towards making our bodies our best friends in the path to open our hearts and develop wisdom. That is, we aim to know ourselves deeper and better, and to be able to connect with our basic loving-kindness and wisdom.

The Meditation I guide departs from the teachings of my main teacher, Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche and from the lineage I belong to; the Karma Kagyu from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Yet, I constantly draw advice and hints from my own experience and practice as a dedicated meditator.

Send me a message if you are interested in participating in my Yoga and/or Dance classes if you are in San Miguel Allende, or if you feel like giving a try to the Meditation sessions I guide weekly via Zoom. I might be available for private sessions or special workshops upon request. Please contact me and let me know how could I serve you and your community.