by ratna dakini mariana
Puebla, Mexico 2019.
Softcover / 103 p./ Poetry $13.00 usd (+ shipping)

bird yes

bird yes is my first collection of poetry. It is dedicated both to my parents, and to my guru, Mingyur Rinpoche. The first part of the book, ‘coffee and Humans’ comprises romantic love & loss poems, yet infused by the perspective of a dharma practitioner. The second part, ‘tea and Dharma’ are poems of contemplation, meditation experiences, love for the Earth and the gurus.

Selection of poems from bird yes

this is not the gravity
towards someone else's body,
nor the gravity to do or talk or forget.

it's a spearmint in the breath
-even if it's thin, it's deep, it's fresh
it brings me somewhere I belong.

this taste of mind still has
 some objects
 (yes, there is a piano song, yes there's amber light, and yes
i’m fondled by a white wool sweater)
-but the force-
the force is in no-objects;
it pulls me to a home
made of space.

tears come out hot
and warmly they walk down around both cheeks until they reach the chin.
below the chin, centered, they start dropping to the breastbone
where they have formed a lake, right above the chest.
it’s visible in my blouse: the lines of previous depths, 
the lake of half an hour ago, and the fifteen minutes old lake.

are this tears a different color than sea water?
are tears of admiration the same color as tears of jealousy and those of
i’m no special woman?
are tears of a true heart’s desire the same color as unrequited fire? 
are these tears all different colors than the tears hanging on the shoestring of faith:
he knows i love him?

i’m burning inside and wet outside,and I have to open my mouth to breathe, but I have a full rainbow in my heart.

San Miguel de Allende. 2018

by ratna dakini mariana
Puebla, 2020
Softcover /107 p./ Poetry $ 13.00 usd (+ shipping)ISBN 978-607-29-2251-8


Sunbird is a compilation of spiritual love and dharma poetry. The poems were written during the months of staying in a retreat-like quarantine at my father’s house in Puebla. Lots of these poems were inspired by my guru, Mingyur Rinpoche, to whom this book is dedicated, as well as by the birds who visited the garden, the trees, the contemplations of gardens and sky, the dances under the rain, and the experiences of my formal meditation practice. 

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Selection of poems from Sunbird

for Mingyur Rinpoche

The song of the nightingale spreads over the vast space of this Sunday, reaching hundreds of ears big and small, near and far. 

His song dissolves the clouds; no trace of doubt in this clear sky.It is also a song that prepares the watch for whenever a storm returns. 

The song of the nightingale is the one that brought my garden to complete trust, gratitude and joy; 
that is, glory
this Sunday morning.  .*~

Sunrays yield to my skin gently 
The sky is fresh and clear, vast in delight. 

The moon, not yet full, guides me to stillness after dance. 

There’s nothing I seek to feel, nothing I seek to grasp,
for nothing is mine.

 Is this grace the windy earth,is it the Guru’s breath,or is it our heart?  .*~

I want to grow for youflowers of all the colors of the rainbow.

With your loveevery land is a fertile field,every sky blooms.

I Pray It Does

Does it reach you?
This beauty
when my heart expands in happiness,
Does it flow to you?
Does it touch every human
I have ever and will ever love? 
I pray it does. 
I pray we all engage
in the cherishing of human, and animal, and vegetable, and elemental life.
I pray we all trust in the truthfulness of the path. 
My joy to dwell in the dharma is vast,
may it expand and flow vastly,          
may it vastly invites.

I respect those who persevere in studying. I honor those who observe without searching, and who listen with patience.

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